The following guidelines are issued to all individuals at Hebburn Town Football Club:

There has been a lot of coverage regarding use of Social Media which covers all mediums where you publicly interact with others, including, but not exclusive to, online forums, Twitter and Facebook.

Anything you say is considered a public statement by yourself. To ensure that you do not reflect negatively in public, nor have any danger of bringing Hebburn Town FC or the game of football into disrepute, please ensure that:

you make no reference to any player or club in a manner that anyone could be construed as being negative, whether that is your intention or not.

engagement with supporters, players or anyone related to football is kept positive – this includes when you are interacting with someone you consider a personal friend as complaints could be made by a third party.

there are no comments made that could be considered of a racist nature, or likely to cause offence to any other person. This includes discriminatory language, including words considered homophobic.

you consider what you are posting in public carefully. If you are angry or annoyed then express that via a verbal conversation with someone you know rather than releasing into the public domain.